Latina Abuse Georgia Lopez

Georgia Lopez Latina Abuse XXX Porn Video

The day that Duke Skywalker filmed Georgia Lopez, he was full of brown pride. That was the day that a new heavyweight champ in the UFC was crowned, and his Brown Pride tattoo was the talk of the town. Aside from that, Duke received some good news from his landscaper: "Mr. Duke, I give you discount this week, mang." He was like a pig in shit the day that Georgia Lopez walked into the Latina Abuse studio, and when he is thrown a prime Mexican piece of ass, he is as happy as a border jumper that made it to an American hardware store to find some under the table work.

Georgia Lopez tried to ease her way into the scene, but she made a hustle to show that she is a champion deep throater. She took one some pretty big gringo cocks, and swallowed them all down to the balls for the majority of the time. She also took some nice firm slaps to the grill as well, and that seemed to keep her on track.

To compliment the rough throat fucking, this was also the first time she got fucked this hard, by dicks as big as these. At first it hurt her tight little Spanish pussy was a bit too shallow, but after awhile she loved having the gringo cocks slamming her cervix repeatedly.

After the guys were finished with her pussy, they sat her down on the floor. The guys gave her a magic marker tattoo across her chest before she became a human jizz mop. She sat there in shock as 4 gringo cocks dumped loads of cum all over her head, with the words Brown Pride stained on her sperm splattered Latina skin.

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